Powerflushing Services in Great Barr, Birmingham

A powerflush is the most effective and most efficient way of cleansing a central heating system. Water and a cleansing chemical agent are circulated around the system under controlled conditions removing all sludge and debris from the system, including all pipework, valves, radiators and boiler, in addition to this the cold feed supply tank is also thoroughly cleaned out. The powerflush pump has a high flow rate but a low-pressure rate, therefore not damaging your existing pipework yet still removing any stubborn limescale and corrosive sludge and debris. 

Does my central heating system need a Power Flush?  

If your central heating system has any of the following symptoms, it most probably needs a POWER FLUSH: 

  • The system is slow to heat up 
  • Cold radiators 
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding 
  • Water from the radiator when bleeding is dirty 
  • Boiler failure or lockout 
  • Noisy boiler 
  • Pump failure 
  • Noisy pump 
  • Some radiators are partially or completely cold 
  • Blocked radiators 
  • Pinhole leaks from radiators 


  • Quieter boiler due to removal of deposits on the heat exchanger (noise commonly referred to as kettling) 
  • Hotter radiators that warm up more quickly once the black sludge and any gas build-up is removed 
  • Lower fuel bills due to increased system efficiency could save you up to 25% of your bills 
  • Longer lasting system and components - pumps and radiators will have an extended life where there is no corrosion and suitable corrosion inhibitors are in place. 
  • Safer environment– system is cleaned as a sealed unit without taking all radiators off walls and risking damage to furniture etc 
  • Flushing a system with plain water will generally only remove 10% of debris, powerflushing with chemical aid can increase this to as high as 95% 
  • A scale protected system. 
  • Peace of mind. 
  • A system cleansed to BS7593 Benchmark 
  • Benchmark certification. 

A full Powerflush can be carried out from just £399 for a 10 radiator system! (extra radiators charged at £20 each) 

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